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April 15, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 1

Forty-five days ago, I started writing a diary of my stay-at-home experience. I think I'll share it here on the condition that someone is interested in reading it. If so, leave a comment or click a like, and I'll keep you updated, forty-five days back in time. Nearly an eternity. 
Stay healthy, stay strong,

DAY 1: New orders -- do not go out
for any reason, no, just don't go
into the wakening sun
into the sweet clean air
to feel your muscles and joints
to exercise your eyes and ears
hear the runner coming up behind
see the dandelion petals by the church door,
it's closed now like everything
like early Sundays when I was young
rest day, give it a break, stay home people,
the apartment buildings themselves
relax and sink down a few millimeters
we'll all get shorter in the next few weeks
as we watch from the plate glass
the shades of gray of lightning strikes,
hard rain at all angles of the storm, to let it pass
we're aware but safe inside
so we enjoy the tempest
for the sturm und drang
we could open a window to feel the force
then close a window to protect each other
we have food and hugs -- we'll be okay
we've been amply warned
this is only the first day.