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April 25, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 11

DAY 11: Go on then
think of something really pithy to say
something pithy, an observation about life
this life under siege on death row waiting
waiting to get kicked out of one country
sent back to another country
where only torture and death await
why are you torturing me? what do you want?
nothing. no information. no places dates or names.
we're not enjoying this, just cutting burning and suffocating
because ... I don't know
no reason, you can go now
can I really? not yet, soon, after the plague
in the meantime, more torture, here,
let me fill your lungs with liquid
let me clamp your airways painfully shut
let me attach you to expensive machines
machines that attach to you
permanently, like bloodsucking leeches,
because even if we detach
for one of two reasons
you'll never cease to feel
the presence of the machine
the torture machine
politics aside, science aside
we'll keep you alive
as long as we want -- goodbye.