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June 24, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 71

DAY 71: -- There's a pandemic.
-- Doctor, how can I help?
-- Stay at home.
-- Okay, but can't I do something else?
-- Stay at home.
-- Yeah, but I'm bored and unhappy.
-- Stay at home.
-- The government said I could go out.
-- Stay at home.
-- But the economy.
-- Stay at home.
-- I hate you doctors, I don't believe you, I'm going out.
-- See you soon.

My fellow citizens, survivors, we are gathered here today to honor the parents, children, friends and neighbors we lost to COVID-19 by reading all the names of the victims of this terrible pandemic. Several famous actors, survivors, have agreed to participate in the reading. Ready? Begin.

After COVID-19
we went back to
business as usual
but after the awful
COVID-20 everything
changed: the environment,
the economy. Then came
COVID-21 with almost
nobody left.
did the rest.