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June 5, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 52

DAY 52: I saw those holy fools beg to
die, to rise with the righteous, get Raptured out,
to risk to kill family for snake-handling, pork rinds and cola
rape hate and white power and penis-insufficiency
big-gun complex, because no person with a good
brain ...
-- you can touch this white-hot iron only after it cools down,
now it will burn your hand right off, disfigure you for life, perhaps
end your life ...
-- no, I want to grab it now! it's my God-given right!
-- we're doing your curve reduction surgery, ma'am, with 
local anesthetic so we can chat and monitor your 
emotional response ...
-- no, stop the operation, NOW! mid-way thru, flesh open, bleeding 
out, monitor beeps, I can't take it anymore, I want to be
released ...
-- we all love Jesus and one another so very much, we love the letting go, we
love you to make you one of us, way more than our rival denominations (cults) and we 
are reborn through our faith in Christ Lord of All Resurrected Lambs, praise ye,
that we cannot be killed, we've got protection, we rock and bang on the church doors, 
we must flood in :: Good Friday, Black Friday, Thank God It's Friday (happy hour) ::
to embrace our fellow insiders and receive
sanctified corona healing ...
-- no, you're dead or dying or contagious
you just killed your Xian brother and sisters,