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June 7, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 54

DAY 54: Fun is dead, lots are dead
men my age are dead, people who
look like me, business is dead. --
they keep telling us -- and relations
are dead, COVIDivorce and Corona-
murder, but numbers don't lie --
yes, they do -- too many people
dead, and fun is dead.
Will we ever have fun again?
cinema, food courts, amusement
parks, beaches, mountains
concerts, plays, dance, art --
whatever you used to do for fun
-- dead. sit at home and cry,
sit at home and whine: I wanna
go out and have some
fun -- the sage says find your
fun within -- screw the sage,
I want my fun! I want to drive
somewhere, singing in the back
seat of the station wagon with my
brothers trying to see a white horse
in a pasture on my side on the
way up to Yosemite Valley, where
we can rent bikes and every
night there's a campfire
program at Curry Village
and -- I'm old -- then the 
Fire Fall -- everybody on the
count of three -- Let the