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July 10, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 87

DAY 87: The Itch -- you go to your
doctor who tells you you'll be
fine as long as you don't scratch,
it's a matter of life or death.
Don't scratch that itch! -- it may
be unbearable but do anything
to avoid scratching, hand-cuff
yourself behind your back -- at home 
you remember that warning but it
itches so bad, it's getting worse
-- an obsession, resist, I can't
yes you can, excruciating, just
a short soft scratch, more like
a rub, or else tear off the skin
with a fork, don't do it, resist
the urge, the natural urge
your body communicating a
need, a human need -- we are
not machines -- you must
not scratch! can you hold
out? for how long? if you'll
scratch sooner or later any-
way, you know ... everyone else 
is scratching, everyone else
takes care of their business --
just because it was a doctor
to tell you, a second opinion
would be logical, know how many
times they're wrong, hell no,
I'm scratching, don't! I can't
take it anymore! you'll be sorry!
it might turn out okay, no
guarantees, life is short, have
some fun, tomorrow we
may all be gone -- go on
itch, scratch, itch, scratch.