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May 7, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 23

DAY 23: Three-month Tsunami
warning alarm siren -- it's coming
really, I ain't lyin',
we can see it already hit other
places so we know, get away from
the coast, lock yourselves in
up on the fifth floor
Via delle Mura (Wall St.).
Will somebody, however, turn
that damned annoying wailing off, I get it,
I'm going deaf, three months from now
we could all be dead
however, I don't believe it
we didn't die before
and so we, we ignore that 
bunch of hypothetical nothing
go get some IPAs for poker
night, follow the brats in little
league, gotta go to church
then the mall, IHOP, 
two month, one month, one week --
shut up, we're good
we're Christian strong
we're white is might
arms in arms
let's go down to the beach
surf's up
Pebble Beach golf course
next to Waterworld.
Can't let the ice-cream cart guy
go broke, go for broke, however
nobody broke, everybody
watch the tide, go out
way out, how cool, take a selfie,
chase the foam --
Look, it's coming back,
should we run? -- nah, we're
good -- it's all good.
There's a big giant wave coming;
so what? we'll ride it out.