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July 18, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 95

DAY 95: ¶ Everything will be okay --
You stand alone in a gorgeous
park centered on a deep green
lawn and your loves are coming
they run towards you (past and
present) to kiss and embrace, as do
your family members (dead and
alive) plus all your friends and
acquaintances from your whole
life including elementary school
all hugging you with warmth
revealing secrets
about everything.

¶ Everything was okay --
We lived in such a wonderful
world of restaurants and bars,
multi-screen theaters and churros,
economic security, college loans,
comfy cars, enormous supermarkets,
so much fun and goodness before
the dark plague hit
ruining everything.

¶ Everything is okay --
In the bathroom with the door locked
many things can happen
if you crouch on the tile floor
to feel its cold you can scrunch
in the corner to feel your own cold
the empty hole inside your belly
that all those snacks cannot fill up
because you just watched everyone
you know (with a couple exceptions)
vanish into thin air, so all you can do
now is vomit, bleed and cry,
expelling bodily fluids for nothing
in return.
Nothing is okay.