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May 16, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 32

DAY 32: I want a golden crown, a pretty cap
I want a gossamer gown, I want
to be a queen, addressing the
nation -- keep it together, children
I want a crown
I want children
to put on a play-party, you be
an alligator, that roars, you
be an eagle, that soars,
you be a bat or a snake -- No,
a bumblebee sitting on a garden
rake, we'll all be in the grass
in the sun, growling squawking
flapping our arms, until the
queen arrives to calm wild spirits
and make peace in the animal
kingdom, maybe she's mother
maybe she's our mother wearing
a tilted crown in heaven
maybe she's an old lady
stuck / parked in a rest home
stay, just a little bit longer
and the workers don't care
and the relatives don't care
and she doesn't care
if this is it, the end
the waiting room for eternity
the mayor wears his sash
and yells into the megaphone
then he goes home
his kids are playing loud
annoying pretend games
he sits in the kitchen with a Michelob
and watches her majesty on TV.