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July 19, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 96

DAY 96: Tomorrow the walls come down,
God ordered us to walk 6 times around
the city walls and on the 7th - pling - the walls
done gonna come a-tumbling down -- if
you got faith, if you believe
just a little more.

There's still sickbays full and
positives galore, no vaccine or cure
all that masking and distancing isn't
working, in the US the fascists
cause riots in the streets, cities on
fire, no masks can hide the cops
with their badges taped, we know
you, you will not reform
the KKK on our watch
society of segregation, no, 
our rights, human rights
civil rights, free speech,
the right to assemble
peaceful protest will prevail.

But the virus marches on too, in
town, in jail, in paddy wagons
police tanks, many will be touched
ruined, killed by COVID-19 and
TRUMP-20, the terrible double whammy
one-two punch, especially after
tomorrow, no holds barred, battle royal
last one standing gets a chicken
tomorrow we're free at last
free from death for the crime
of being black, free to rampage
for being a cop, free to kill
hands in your pockets, smirk
I don't want to go out, I don't
want to die, I don't want to
be invisible, mostly, I don't want 
to go on a ventilator because
the last words of the United 
States of America will be:
like George Floyd (murdered by
Derek Chauvin), Eric Garner (
murdered by Daniel Pantaleo), Elijah
McClain (murdered by Woodyard,
Rosenblatt and Roedema)
and so many more: