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June 3, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 50

DAY 50: Behind Doctor T.J. Eckleburg's giant
eyes, behind the flying trapezoid head
of Zardoz, behind the swollen green Martian
head of the Wizard of Oz -- is the master:
GOD GOLD, Oscar, the holy greed, the
lust stronger than pleasure, better
than copulation, the God that estab-
lished and smashed every civili-
zation of Earth: Inca, Maya and United
States of Americay.

Alexander the Great with his pockets
so full he couldn't swim across the
golden river, drowning in liquid aurum
skin asphyxiation like The Goldfinger Girl
clogged pores, but, oh, oh, what a shag!

The Doctor Eye, The Zardoz Eye, The
Oz Eye -- watching you, watching you
watching you, build your pile, are you
getting your due? your dose of golden
medicine, or are you a loser, a failure,
bankrupt? If you must say it, go on:
Health is more important than Wealth.
You can hear the GOLD GODs laugh,
laugh all the way to the bank.

In my sunburst house I have 
solid gold furniture dripping from
my gold ceiling onto my gold floor, my 
gold toilet, my gold hair, I stand for a photo 
before my golden life golden wife: Scrooge 
McDuck never enough. That's my 24-carat

So, now you know. It's good to have
priorities -- my health, I can buy, yours,
who cares? You can die (just don't be messy)
and I won't feel a thing -- every human life
is equally precious. Where'd you hear
that, Sunday School? LOL!