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June 8, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 55

DAY 55: If I'm writing
about this
I must have it all
figured out
I must be reacting
to something
I understand, poets
are wise, no?
No! I have no clue
what I'm going through
I have no idea
what's happening inside
or out, I hear voices
in languages, words
I know singly
but together they
form the music
of overwhelming chaos,
the song of way way
too much to process
to cope, to be home with
I retreat into a
locked closet but
even there I know
nothing, I see hear
speak nothing
I am foolish
I retreat into
so-called mindfulness,
to no avail
comprehend the cosmos
sorry, can't, 
I'm only human
perhaps my descendants
can star trek out
and capture it all
embrace in our one
trillion brain-cells, one
zillion concepts.
but I'm too lost, sad
afraid, angry and overwhelmed
-- everyone's talking about
the end -- not of the virus
but of our response -- that
seems insane, but what
do I know?