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July 23, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 100.

Balance sheet -- 100 days.
I spent 77 days indoors
never going out, not even onto
the safe balcony -- then unavoidably
7 days in Milan, coronavirus capital
of the world, then 14 days in extra
quarantine, then a swab in the car
then negative results, lockdown is
over, lockdown is over. Safe to reopen.

I disagree, I strongly fear opening
everything up again: is it better
to have a catastrophe to confirm
my dark opinion? or fewer deaths to
show that the business leaders
and their politicos were right?
virus, what virus? we're back in
business, baby! cranking it out, pumping it
assembly-lining it, harvesting,
dishing it up -- down @ Peet's:
what's your name? Covid.
Covid, your coffee's ready!
Right on.

The Great 2020 Distraction -- We
had 12 years to work non-stop to 
survive, then 10 while we discussed it 
at the highest levels -- then we lost a year 
to the bug, civil unrest, sports, elections, and so on.
Online classes ruined education. Fear
of neighbors ruined socialization. Fear
of science ruined our minds.
Fear of death, well, you know ...
So, we've got maybe 9 years left 
until our collective climate suicide --
point of no return, is that ambiguous? --
and we've already declared infinite boredom
with the topic -- We are undeserving; we
are weak, ignorant, helpless children.
After this crud, we think we've survived 
but look ahead, unless we get our 
human being on natural planet Earth
act together now, right now,
turn around the iceberg-bound
Titanic right now ...
We think we have survived
-- we haven't, we won't --
We Thought Wrong.