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May 13, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 29

DAY 29: I've never died, not even
once, though I may have gotten close,
so, maybe I'm just saying
maybe I'm
How would I know? Just
because lots of people have
died and many are dying now
doesn't mean, logically, that I must.
Okay, it's likely, but not certain.
So, I could do many things,
collect knowledge like an
encyclopedia or collect
experiences -- hang-gliding,
glacier dog-sledding, eating
live worms, running every
marathon, until someone
anyone begs me for sex -- like 
some lonely stinking rich
loser, Branson What's-his-name
Nah. I could be president. Nah
and hell Nah. I could rescue
the world. Nah.
(doesn't deserve it).
Actually if I knew I were immortal
I would hide, never tell a soul
and move frequently, so no one
could see that I don't age -- no
significant others, that's the
condition. You get everything
you want
except anything of
An unimportant life, longing
-- they say -- for an end to
give it backwards meaning
longing for death, even suffering
choking in pain, gasping
-- alone, like a victim of
a terrible plague.