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June 30, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 77

DAY 77: Down at the cemetery
they're almost breaking down the gate
got dressed up and washed and
bought flowers to go with prayers
like Father, Mother, I miss you so
not like of all the good people pressing
to get in pushing others aside
with their lopsided masks
there are some contagious who
don't know that they came
to the cemetery today to send
others (t)here tomorrow, I hope
it's not a hot spot, a red zone, but what
irony, no respect for the new hours
nor for a line of who's first
social distancing is out, gotta
get to the tombs, gotta say hello/good-
bye to those who can't hear
say 'I love you' to those who don't
care, walk the tiny streets and
alleys of the mini-city of monu-
ments to the dead, by the living
pushing shoving yelling protesting
to get in.

I watched this on television
because I'm in no hurry to get
in, I don't need flowers, or
nice clothes, greeting or laments
-- I only need the sun, the air
and that I get