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April 24, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 10

DAY 10: I say -- don't go out
She says -- I need fruit
fuck fruit
I say -- we could die
She says -- I'm going crazy
What does one say after one gets infected?
God's will?
Sorry, you'll be dead soon
or maybe not
maybe you'll discover that fruit
is the cure
you should have listened to her
-- here I am
locked in my union
locked in my town
locked in my house
locked in my bathroom
going down
down the drain
spinning, flushing myself free
of this poison earth
into the intestines
where stink and acid aren't so unfamiliar
where there's no one to argue with
where it's dark, gurgling and soapy
slippery -- don't fall,
hard as it is
don't go out -- at all!
ever, forever, never
no exceptions
I say