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March 19, 2021

Mourning # 27

Mourning # 27


Spirit woman

dressed all in red

Spirit woman

collecting the dead

I beg you to leave me

I beg you not to set me free

life is a gift

though I don’t let it show

give me another breath

I’ll tell you when I’m ready

to go

with you

into a new dimension

Spirit woman.


---- Fire chief of Ludlow, Vermont,

Robert Kirkbride served as an infantry-

man in WWII and a military policeman

in the Korean War. He was a police

officer in Burlington, Vermont, then he

served for 60 years as a firefighter and

fire chief in Ludlow. He was 93.

He still drove his own car and mowed his

own lawn and appeared in full uniform in

the annual Memorial Day Parade.

Last year his wife of 67 years died, and then

his son of 56 died suddenly as well.

In March 2020 Chief Kirkbride developed 

bronchitis and was admitted to White River 

Medical Center where he died two weeks 

later. No funeral could be held; the family 

is hoping to hold a memorial for Robert

Kirkbride when possible.