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June 26, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 73

DAY 73: It started, oh Lord, when?
probably back when Barack Obama
ran for president -- the hate, the vile 
hatred, I don't remember 
hate that strong since the 1960s, 
after King's murder and the Kennedys, 
like the good ol' boys had sobered up,
the cities burned anew for Rodney King
the thing returned, then went away
but the whole country not drowned
in bloody red hatred -- race hatred --
like back then, 68 (unless you
count anti-Muslim post 9/11);
so Black Obama dared to be
our leader our face our voice
and the KKK was reborn! They
resisted him for 8 successful
years with every dirty trick
more moonshine, white lightning
they got their Fuhrer elected
-- Russian debts to payoff --
finally someone to turn on
with their one arm salutes.

Where does all this race hatred
come from, what happened
to love one another, decades of
integration, the faux-right
has crafted an identity from
trash talk radio and Fox cons-
piracies, ordinary people buy in,
souls are sold -- they're pissed poor
and vocally letting out -- they're half lushes
and psychos -- they're in your face
with hate of race -- they're
armed and dangerous -- Amer-
ican Nazis, American Republican
Nazis? and that's okay? 

Not in my New Normal.