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April 16, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 2

DAY 2: A friend of mine wrote a funny little story
about buying toilet paper in quantity
apparently it's scarce in California
but he found some and carried it out
people yelled at him from their cars
"to keep the hoarders from getting it"
he yelled back
best line in the story 
said nervously though
I'm writing too
what else to do
I want to go out for a walk
but I'm afraid, afraid of the streets,
another friend wrote me that she's
trapped in a city she hates,
come home -- impossible
illegal, immoral,
we're all
we're all
trapped in homes, bodies, prisons, souls
we hate
we're all contagious
over and over
breathing, for now,
the germs
crawl in
crawl out ...