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June 12, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 59

DAY 59: Call my country Dis-
appointment, call my country
Shame, the United States of Shame
to blame, we can pin all our
troubles on the government and
its supporters, run the scapegoat
out of the village -- easy, but
not that easy, the system doesn't work
didn't work, isn't working
people praise the brave, praise
the self-sacrificing heroes
working in deprived conditions
people call for a new public
health system like in Europe
yeah, yeah, then I could go home
but no, no, I can't go home again
the whole house of cards 
collapsed, the mighty mighty
U.S.A. is a failed superpower
you failed, too big to fail?
too big to succeed
a tottering giant brought 
down by a germ
 -- shame in aeternum
you couldn't get your act
together and still can't, why
not? no time for queries, fact:
you failed, everyone, everywhere
-- yes some intentionally,
some are friends with the apoc-
alypse -- but all failed and
people died for nothing --
for nothing, they died when
they didn't need to, they should
not have died, they're still dying
and this reopening is absurd
Absurd America:
 -- get your shit together!