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July 9, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 86

DAY 86: After 77 days, 77 days during
which I did not breach my threshold
I did not open my safety door
(except 4 times for the grocery kid)
I did not chat with neighbors
from one balcony to another
I stayed home
like being sick
without being sick
to avoid being sick
to help others who are sick
(my little brother far away)
some days I didn't even want
to look outside (we have a wonderful
view) like a smart turtle
sliding further and further
into its shell
the surgery, in Milan, fly up
one eye one day one eye the next
four more days recovery fly
back home --
that is a story
worth telling
the blind given
the gift of sight
the dark turtle shell
progressively darker
until the light of a
dangerous trip
a total shift
of perspective
a story that could include
risk of infection
and medical miracles.