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March 7, 2021

Mourning # 16

Mourning # 16


I do not deserve to live above ground

surviving in the blue the green

yellow orange and burnt red skies

touching hard and soft earth with my soles 

and the birdsong!


Burial and cremation, roughly the same

either way down to the molten core

that black hole that sucks us all in

very slowly so the world won’t collapse.

the birdsong!


‘Better you than me’ is a song no one

should sing, a national anthem played before

every shift change at the Covid ward.

my eyes are so tired, my tears are so lost.

the bird.


---- US Republicans have an anti-mask platform.

They have called the coronavirus a hoax.

They hold superspreader events to infect those present

and anyone they encounter. Many have COVID,

some have died.


Luke Letlow, 41, was elected to Congress from 

Louisiana in a runoff, he died of the bug before

he could be sworn into office. He is survived by

his wife, Julia Barnhill Letlow and two young children.


His family released a statement: “The family appreciates

the numerous prayers and support over the past days

but asks for privacy during this difficult and unexpected



A special election will be called to fill the seat.