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March 1, 2021

Mourning # 10

Mourning # 10


Transcending Grief

let’s transcend our grief

stepping-stone the stages

move on and forward out of the valley

of a thousand tears – that’s enough

don’t make yourself sick over it

he/she/they would have wanted you

to get on with your life, remarry

find a new partner at Christmastime

online or maybe at a grief therapy group

hi, I lost my dog

hi, I lost 400,000 compatriots

let’s go get coffee, then into bed

to seal our release

the end is here (the beginning too).


---- Rosemary Collins was a choir director

at her church and at Clearwater High School

in Florida, she had classical voice training

she sang arias and musicals, she loved

music, she died on December 22 of complications

of the coronavirus, just a few days after

showing her first symptoms, she was 51.