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May 20, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 36

DAY 36: Warning: not for children:
or those sensitive to the rage
that profanity contains:

I'm distributing fucks today:
to any company trying to exploit the 
virus to make money -- FUCK YOU!
to any company that puts heart-
breaking references to the pandemic
in their advertising -- WE SEE YOU,
FUCK YOU! to any rich person who's 
donating a puny part of their wealth to get
good publicity for themselves and their ilk --
to Jeff Bezos, who donated a ton of
money equivalent to 11 minutes of
his earnings year-round 24/7 --
FUCK YOU, MAN! to any polit-
ician who comes out publicly with
something to make themselves look
good, to improve their ratings in the
polls during a quarantine -- FUCK YOU
to those who contest every well-intentioned
provision because we are trained
to squabble over the details -- F.U.
to anyone who goes out in a quarantine
because they're just fed up with being
a prisoner -- FUCK YOU, YOU SHOULD BE
A PRISONER, it's way worse than this,
to journalists who lie, bend or emphasize the
positive to give us all a bit more hope --
hope is our job -- and to Donald John Trump
his cronies and worshippers -- JUST FUCK
YOU, put on a mask, go wash your hands, 
those blood stains look terrible.