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June 27, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 74

DAY 74: Go bake some bread, I'd
prefer not to, paint another master-
piece, I'd prefer not, do your
prescribed exercises, I don't think
so, is depression setting in, I
don't care, I read good advice
on the internet -- coping strategies
and such -- I'm tired, leave
me alone.

They're calling the baseball game
on account of rain on a beautiful
clear day -- yeah, whatever -- but
millions risk their lives if we don't
all act responsibly -- that I'm
really sorry about -- let me get
my act together then I'll
take care of my business
again -- don't ask me
to shower though, there are

I saw a hecka lotta stupid people
out in front of the Capital
screaming, waving automatic
weapons, swastikas -- deplor-
ables, someone called them,
and, you know, they are
infecting one another without
protection, MAGA'TS dying
horrible deaths after all that brain-
washing -- at this point, at this point
the way I feel, hunkered down
to help the nurses, watching that guy
watching that guy with a rocket
launcher in a sandwich shop
undisturbed, on television -- 
oh, hell, if mutual contagion
is what they want --
just let them die.