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June 16, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 63

DAY 63: A year of magical thinking
and happy talk --
it's almost over, we'll be okay
the human sacrifice
has been made, the price to pay
magical thinking and happy talk
let's reopen our mouths
and let it all come crashing out
the criticism, the hate, come crashing in
you say, it's reckless
but, listen, we CAN'T! TAKE! IT! ANY! MORE!
so we're gonna force back
normality, open the bars
like after prohibition
what a celebration!
let's get livin'
jivin' an' divin', high-fivin'
somebody's gonna die
but it won't be me 'cause
I have my magical thinking
and happy talk TV
happy talk reality
we're finally inside
a world of reality TV
we live next to the Bradys
with Truman and Trump
an eternal blue sky
and a required mass suicide
     got to keep the customer satisfied
     so satisfied.