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June 19, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 66

DAY 66: I said to someone yesterday
just because the authorities say you
can go out doesn't mean
you have to and they looked at me
like I had lost my f-ing mind
they said, "have you lost your f-ing
mind?" As soon as the ribbon drops
the marathon begins and we all,
free for all, run in all directions
free finally to play on the fourth day
of May or the seventh or eleventh
-- read the authorization ordinance
for more details -- we're opening the bars
under the stars
everyone rush out to reinfect
redirect your germ effect
on a curve, a slope, a spike
your life, on a graph, look at that,
more death, or less, I guess, it's safe
to leave the home place, run
run to meet your fate
run your fate to meet
through fields of wildflowers
even with bad allergies
and bad feet.
Worth it. Deny the truth --
we stayed in, it worked
stay in more, work more
go out, bad idea, could bring in
the hearse -- in any case,
I say this, mate -- you go first.