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July 7, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 84

DAY 84: Where is that land where
every boy and girl has a lite
beer can in their right hand? Where
study is easy with Wikipedia
cut-and-paste, don't want to
get too smart do we, out on a 
boat, 25s-30s only, all smelling
good, dancing to black music of
their parents' era, where's the en-
richment, where's the mindfulness?
-- oh, there's an online class
for that -- the easy hate, spin
the wheel, this year we hate
... you! (just like last year) and 
the easier stupidity which
is so much fun -- let's go
on a Bigfoot hunt or
read the Tarot cards
more muscles, more tattoos --
you want basic information
who is ... Antonio Guterres?
(let me check my phone, no)
10 out of 10, 1000 out of 1000
married to Melanie Griffith
or third base for the Royals
is that a test? did I pass?
I didn't study. I was out partying.
you should have warned me.
there was a test, but I don't
like tests -- I like beer,
I like beer, don't you like beer
Senator, don't you like beer
and money, I like money, don't
you like money too? -- 

will we get the strength, skill
and intelligence we need
we are tested?