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May 1, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 17

DAY 17: Oh, those crazy videos
all that funny stuff circulating
singers doing concerts from home
(who knew they sang so badly?)
and all the slogans, bits of wisdom
like candy, trick or treat
when we should be eating beans
like cowboys
dutch oven chili every day
months and months the same
did they complain
about no free wi-fi
no wine-bar aperitifs
golf or tennis
or did they complain
about the lousy prairie picnic cuisine
hell yes, every day
months and months the same
did they suffer
hell yes. are we? hell
we open the door to
suffering and invite it in
infected or not, grim reaper or not
revenants all with the face 
of our crazy mayor
screaming: stay at home
where the fuck are you going?
(he talks like a cowboy)
-- me, you talkin' to me?
me just out for a bit of loot
get me more hard candy
I need it or I get depressed
I get sad and forlorn
real sick or only soul-sick --
well, okay then,
if you make it back
we can joke about it.