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June 20, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 67

DAY 67: Or, let's play another game
it's a math game too, I know you
like math, who doesn't? The percentage
game: 50% 10% 95% and so on
like if there were a 50% chance of dying
would you do it? what? doesn't
matter, I'm explaining the game.

Go back to your job but there's
a 10% chance of getting the virus
would you? with a 5% chance
of dying? would you send your
kids to school with a 75% chance
they'd be infected, hospitalized
possibly cremated before you could
even say goodbye, no last "I love you, kid"?

-- that seems a bit high
-- oh, it's wrong, it's 7.5%, is that okay now?
-- better
-- would you change your answer?

where's the cut off, the cap
where's the curve go down, up
round the bend, loop-the-loop, what 
about that little number 1%?
1% infected, sick, some dead
is that acceptable?
that's 3.4 million Americans
you know, you will know a lot
of them, if you're not one --
Hey, TV Doctor Strange, is that 
a tolerable percentage?

I know some other doctors, real ones
who are giving 110%
and they'd be in that number
when the saints go ...