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June 13, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 60

DAY 60: You're throwing numbers at me
I don't trust your numbers, I do not
believe, I think you're bending them
to get your desired equation, if
the numbers tell us to party, we
must party, unless you believe
the books are cooked, the dead
unaccounted for, the sick underestimated
the recurrence certainty ignored
-- it really is money über alles
we're really factoring in numbers
of people who will die
for the Dow, to open the bars
for the private beaches -- hell,
summer is coming fast!
profits are down, those numbers
unemployment up, deficit
spending funny money a
government simply prints
-- but the scientists told us
what digits count, how to count
who counts, two plus two
a two-week down curve min-
imum before reopening -- seven
states said screw that we're
opening now, get a head start
on the second wave -- look
around, it's not working in
other places -- can we not
behave appropriately?