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July 11, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 88

DAY 88: There's so much screaming
so many important people pretending
to do something, doing nothing, screaming
kids blocking the roads a beer in each hand,
fatcats blocking the roads begging for
handouts after a life of tax-evasion,
politicians arguing but they don't
remember about what, children
crying that the ice-cream's run out,
mourners bent over fresh graves in
prayer -- what if we cut out
all the noise, all the news, it's
winter time 2019, let's all, us
bears, go into hibernation, a
natural instinct we cannot ignore,
dig a hole and crawl inside
lose some excess body-fat
hug our cubs
spend a season underground
sometime, I presume, we'll
come back out
into the sun
but we're not thinking about the
just getting lazy
and shutting down
systems to conserve power
no strain, no expectation
curl into a ball
it's easy
underground, almost like in a grave
but one that you will emerge
from in due time. To a
different world.