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May 28, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 44

DAY 44: Supplies -- I have my meds
peanut butter and coffee
I have a moment of weakness
to curl up like my cat on the
floor, but I don't
I have consternation and
condemnation for the inept
and malicious ones making
decisions on my life -- like in
war, they say, when they
point -- you live, you go. The
inept and malicious command
but never lead, they force 
the enemies and coerce
their (cult) followers to get their
way or pout and whine -- I am
sick of the scams as much as
the virus -- you lie, someone
dies -- wanna buy a mask?
no, I have peanut butter
and coffee, I am uncomfortable
but not going outside, I am not
going out, even if my governor
says I can, even if a doctor
says I can, even if everyone
else does, I'll let them taste
the stew -- and wait to see
who keels over, I have
enough survival instinct to
last longer than my neighbor
who just must absolutely go golfing again
or get that Sunday waffle breakfast
-- his drug, his supply,
his gran finale.