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April 21, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 7

DAY 7: They wear the latest fashion
drive Volvos and Audis, power SUVs
they eat out with their friends
every weekend
and have lovers
cheat on their taxes
pay someone else to raise their kids
who they love so much
-- the young professionals
lawyers and entrepreneurs
and doctors
medical doctors
doctors of medicine, is it
Hippocratic oath
or Hypocritic oath?
-- they went on a ski vacation
five-star hotels
to the Alps and back, smirking
back to work after their fun
back to the hospital dreariness
the studio or office
to argue with clients
about money
140 people, husbands and wives
from our clean town, we're good 
in lockdown ... thereupon :: bam!
violated the quarantine
because they could
slipped out in secret
chartered plane
had their country-club kicks
the snow felt so good
came back to meet those
hundreds of stay-at-home losers
they might kill us all
richbastards, all one word
the authorities are hunting for them
the 140 and everyone they
contacted / contracted in the last week --
:: heaven help us all.