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July 5, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 82

DAY 82: An incident occurred at the Gates of Heaven. A large group of people, apparently victims of some earthly scourge, arrived all at once. Saint Peter and his collaborators found themselves in great difficulty. The normal procedures were interrupted, order became impossible to maintain. The new entries had a right to be there, but they resisted attempts by staff to enforce social distancing requirements. Saint Peter was on the phone with the Boss all day. It was finally decided that those waiting to enter should stand in an single-file line or queue, 6 feet or 2 meters (metres) apart. This was very hard to organize as there was not enough space on the cloud to form this orderly line (or queue) of so many souls. Some claimed that they had arrived first and should not have to wait as long as the others. Some wanted preferential treatment because of their saintly lives on Earth. Some merely pressed forward against the Pearly Gates. There were multiple injuries and a few acts of violence against the other entrants and against the collaborators who had never seen so many there waiting to get in. Chaos broke out. Heaven's security service was called, but it was non-existent. An explosive situation. To be continued...