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July 21, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 98

DAY 98: It's time to fight, it's time,
every generation -- Women's March,
Climate Strike, March for Our Lives -- 
every year, it's time to fight --
no ifs, ands, buts, correlaries, addenda --
what a silly slogan, as if they didn't
of course they do
except to the fascists
they don't, so not silly, needed
so we take back the streets and shout
a million strong, not silly, take it seriously
they do, we take back the night
against racism, systemic and personal
-- the parasite on our soul --
we take the governor's mansion
against police brutality, militar-
ization, police murder, cover-ups,
white supremacy, white nationalism
lynching, discrimination, prisons for profit
the KKK good old boys in uniform
got their John in the big house so they raised
their poisonous serpent heads -- Whack 'em
back down, get 'em off the force, they won't change
out of the military, back into a sod-hut in the holler
eating dirt and making moonshine, wearing camo
head to toe
-- yet here I am in quarantine
can't go out for a while and when I do
I must wear a mask and avoid all gatherings 
to hide my identity from the Proud Boy cop thugs
until I'm arrested when the mask goes down
on me but also on you, turn your body-cam off
tape your badge -- but we see you! we know you!
we see your desire to bust heads glowing bright
your contact high for getting permission to do 
the Dark Lord's work, no limitations, like you're infected
with violence, with lust, with avarice and hate
I see the virus running through your veins.