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June 10, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 57

DAY 57: Who's dying?
They're dying
or we're dying?
We are
you are us, we are you
old and sick -- or not,
160 doctors of medicine
in Italy up to today --
say their names out loud* --
we die with you
alone and afraid
we mourn with your families
we can't breathe
in the 'us' and 'them' of some
perverted religion: we
righteous, you damned,
that became international politics
blue / red -- all blood -- vein / artery
all the same
no 'them', no 'other', all us
we, We the people, WE. THE. PEOPLE.
same blood coming and going, same
breath, same death,
for all, rich and poor, the
1% die 1% of the time, we
99, we're losing ourselves
fast, so fast we can't fill out the forms --
remember any one loved one gone
that gut punch, head spin --
how can we expect ourselves
to repeat that shock for
5, 5000, 50000?
only by being part of the whole
organism, that's losing precious cells,
can we get it all, as we dying
we, all around the world
and it hurts.

*see list in comments