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March 21, 2021

Mourning # 29

Mourning # 29


I’m so sorry you’re gone

not sure how we carry on

I wasn’t there when you passed

because we were governed by a psychopath

when history tallies all the sums

we will realize what we have done

the dead will still be dead

the living filled with regret

I’m so sorry you’re gone

not sure how we carry on.


---- Art and music, 

art and music teacher, Melinda 

Roellig, 37, of Clarksville, Indiana

homemade Christmas gifts for family prepared

including her own paintings, personalized

"she put her heart into it and it just makes you

smile because you know how much she cares"

now will they be opened, will they be loved

Melinda died one week after getting a fever

without telling her relatives, her mother a nurse

when she checked on Melinda she called 911

Melinda died in the ambulance, she feared her

insurance wouldn’t pay, instead when others fell 

sick she’d take care of them, she had perfect 

pitch sang as a kid, played in the marching band

trumpet and painting at University of Louisville

she loved Harry Potter, got a Master’s degree

taught music at public school and art at the

charter school, her students adored her, she

taught choir after school, former student Carey

Walls said: She changed my life.


Melinda Roellig, art and music teacher, is survived

by her mother, stepfather, step-siblings, father, step-

mother, half-sister, brother, two nieces. And her art and

music students, whatever they wind up doing with that.

Art and music.