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April 18, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 4

DAY 4: Get in the car and drive!
Drive, man, drive
TV full of car commercials right now
as if we're all planning our escape
across the Mojave the Australian
Outback and Siberia
flat out, hammer down
tankards of gasoline on the roof
to that promised land where
everything you touch
not covered in deadly viral germs ...

I died and went to heaven anyway
through the pearly gates and saw
St. Pete with an N95 mask on saying
you didn't touch the gate
without gloves on, did you?
Down, sinner infected, down you go!

Today, I may finish one project
and start another -- what the hell
spring cleaning, canning, quilting
it feels okay yet I'm afraid
if I get sick I might not get well
if I don't get sick I might crack
either way, either way
I'm at bay.