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May 30, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 46

DAY 46: Human sacrifices -- oh, how
primitive! Those ancients were
savage, horrible, bowing down to idols.
2-3% of the population already
marked with indelible ink, they tell us 
today, they being the 1% we chose as 
leaders, capitalists, makers of money, not
work not creation not humble goodness --
they got their pile, their pile so high
it looks like Mount Everest in the clouds 
in the sky and now the payment
is due -- 2-3% will die 
to reopen factories and malls
burger kings and bowling alleys
poodle clippers and porn shops --
we gladly kill the chosen
the elders, the weak, the kids
the strong, the famous, the
parents of the future parentless
generation -- we sacrifice another
2-3% for GOD DOLLAR
          Booga booga!
to get our money machine 
running again to pull those
levers and chains, on the
chain gang, to push the worker-
slaves with cattle prods back
to pumping gold-red plasma
into the Masters' arms -- we
have chosen, sad as it is, money
sass talks, life is cheap, religion
trumped by true religion,
order trumped by first order --
let's go then! let's start killing!