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March 20, 2021

Mourning # 28

Mourning # 28


The gulls and crows had picked

the kitten’s head and guts out

it lay soaking wet in the road

on our evening walk we turned away

when we saw how dead it was

that it was a mess, a kitten no more

one tiny soul like a puff gone on

in the seabreeze in January

during the worst pandemic we’ll ever see

two million souls and rising

collecting the puffs together would create

a permanent fog we’d live in the rest

the foggy rest of our lives.


---- Carole Brookins, 76, a financial consultant from

Palm Beach, Florida died of the novel coronavirus.

Her firm, Public Capital Advisors, was only one of 

Carole’s many activities. She founded First Alliance 

Foundation to bring together US and French military 

leaders. She had just returned from Paris, her favorite 

city, when she became ill. Carole Brookins was a member 

of the Council on Foreign Relations. She was a former 

Wall Street executive and director of the World Bank during

the George W. Bush administration. One of her passions

was to help developing countries build infrastructures

because, “if you don’t have roads you can’t get to the health

care center.”

Carole Brookins had no family, but many close friends. 

She had, “amazing enthusiasm for people, places

and issues.”