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April 22, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 8

DAY 8: Such an awesome sunny spring day outside
so peaceful and inviting outside
they have just banned running
jogging walking the dog and
going for a drive in the hills
or along the beach
to fire up the barbecue
roast a few wieners
drain a few beers,
so, at the moment these activities
I haven't read the ordinance
are still legal and allowed:
-- looking out the window
with sad-dog eyes reflecting
the blue painted with blue.
-- thinking great thoughts but
none come, so thinking nasty
horrible thoughts of pain and
death, loss of love and life --
the end, abandonment.
-- crying permitted within
reason but not encouraged.
-- complaining -- same.
-- sitting before the television altar
absorbing only that tick tock 
of rising blood pressure.
-- sitting on the toilet, non-productively.
-- lying in bed wondering
when this will end --

but, again, I haven't read the ordinance.