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June 1, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 48

DAY 48: So, let me see, let me see
if I get it, get it -- if people die
that's okay, that's natural, virus =
people die (deal with it), the problem,
the real problem is when they all die
at the same time, bad timing is the
problem -- these poor COVIDIANS clog
up the hospital assembly line --
that's no good -- if they could please
line up like outside supermarkets
in an orderly fashion, no cuts
waiting patiently their turn, coughing
their burning lungs out, drowning in their 
own spit, infecting everyone within half
a mile -- then they could enter the
ICUs slowly enough to be cared for properly --
some out the front door (applause)
some out the back (b'bye)
and the administrators and politicians
all happy happy -- hey, people die all 
the time, hey, God's will, hey, don't expect
miracles, we only do partials --
but we're trying, so back off!
keep the line/queue straight, waiting room's
over there, take a number -- we cannot/will not 
be overwhelmed, you? over-
whelmed yet? we shall all be overwhelmed
life's a beach, a two-foot wave is 
fun, a twenty-footer is a killer -- so, let 'em 
die but in an orderly fashion, not
too fast, not all at once --

I do not get this.
I do not agree.
I do not.