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May 12, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 28

DAY 28: My face to the world, I
showed only one for twenty years
one wry smile knowing and
mad I kept the same face folded in a
book, then yesterday I updated
I produced a new face to the
world, a new wryness madness
without knowing the folks out there
who would take it as a sign that
my heart my arms are open
for business, messages like
shots in the dark, ricocheting like numbers
on the spinning wheel, greetings
and warmth into the arctic
winter, because I cracked my
egg and let my penguin chick
furball out to cry a squeaky
song, they it came to me -- five ten
fifteen -- and I did not ignore
or reject (as is my old style)
I welcomed new friends into my study
like students on a video-call
come share with me, I am
no longer afraid of the other,
I may die soon -- that I'm afraid
of -- but as I am alive, I will
respond, I will replicate, I
will join the human circus
the carnival, for one queasy
go on the ferris wheel, the
only wheel in town.