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May 18, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 34

DAY 34: While the war is on, we're
being bombarded, we're trapped in
the dark underground, sirens blaring
we can't talk or think only smell
the stink -- do good things happen?
does love? does satisfaction?
when the grief is bad, John Prine
dies, we're all so sad, kind
like a bunch of humans in
trouble, separated one continent
width apart, alone in life
alone in death -- do good
things happen? can we balance
this out? not all bad, hunters
have found noise pollution
and air pollution diminish
though real serious ecological
damage remains -- the coral
is bleaching, the ice still
melts, temperature rises,
animals disappearing, insects
breathe through your mouth
and intellectuals who refuse
human interaction say that
fewer humans is a good 
reaction -- I say how many need
to die for you to love someone?
and the haters, scammers and fanatics
it's punishment for loving gays
-- fuck you too.