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October 6, 2018

I Really Don't Care. Do You?

Sexual Assault: Republicans: NO, WE DON'T CARE.

The non-conclusion of the rape doesn't matter. The drunkenness doesn't matter. The 'who do you believe?' doesn't matter. The politics don't matter. The crying and yelling don't matter. (I'm exaggerating, all that matters.)

These Republicans are saying: You, woman, were raped and we don't care! You, woman, don't count; we, rich white Christian men, say we love and respect you, woman, but when it's time to show that, we say, 'oh grow up', 'boys will be boys' (translation: young men have a right to rape women) and worse. Plus, you, woman, cannot abort because we say so and you must obey. You, woman, are our property, like slaves.

Be like Melania, seen but not heard, look good and shut up and produce a son. Not like Stormy or Karen McDougal, or the 20 Trump victims, etcetera. We, Republicans, say: Blame the victim, and ignore the woman's chorus outside yelling "NO, NO, NO!" Whose pain and anger is more real, more important, anyway?

Power. This is all about power. Rape is about power. (Male superiority consists exclusively in physical strength.) The abortion debate is about power, not ethics. (Will all you anti-abortionists adopt those unwanted babies you force to be born? I thought not.) Women's bodies belonging to men is about power. To grope, to score, to obsess over. When women are truly equals, beings not objects, freed from male domination, there's no going back. We're getting close.

Amazons are coming. Look out the window, women are active, women are strong, women have been abused and will not stand for it anymore. Men and boys better get on board. Rape culture must end.

The old white men (and the women they've brainwashed) behind this last-ditch effort to maintain control will lose. They know that. That's where their desperation comes from. This horrible sequence of events, starting with 'grab 'em by the pussy', seems so hopeless. Actually, it's a signal of the end of patriarchy. This will not stand. The sexists will fight, but we--women and enlightened men--will fight harder and win. It won't be easy. What is?

Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court; Trump is still President, McConnell, Grassley, Graham, et al. are in power, but not for long, people, not for long. Play the long game. Right now, the slavery-supporting politicians of the 1850's are still burning in hell. Wrong side of history.

These are the names of the misogynists that will live in infamy:

Chuck Grassley
Orrin Hatch
Lindsey Graham
John Cornyn
Mike Lee
Ted Cruz
Ben Sasse
Jeff Flake
Mike Crapo
Thom Tillis
John Kennedy
Mitch McConnell
John Thune
John Barrasso
Roy Blunt
Cory Gardner
Lamar Alexander
John Boozman
Richard Burr
Shelley Moore Capito
Bill Cassidy
Susan Collins
Bob Corker
Tom Cotton
Steve Daines
Mike Enzi
Joni Ernst
Deb Fischer
Dean Heller
John Hoeven
Cindy Hyde-Smith
Jim Inhofe
Johnny Isakson
Ron Johnson
James Lankford
Jerry Moran
Rand Paul
David Perdue
Rob Portman
Jim Risch
Pat Roberts
Mike Rounds
Marco Rubio
Tim Scott
Richard Shelby
Dan Sullivan
Pat Toomey
Roger Wicker
Todd Young
Jon Kyl
Joe Manchin

THANK YOU: Anita Hill, Christine Blasey Ford, Debbie Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, Ana Maria Archila, Maria Gallagher, Alyssa Milano, Nadia Murad, Denis Mukwege and so many others.
And let me add: Rosa Parks (arrested in 1955, Civil Rights Act 1964) 
Say it loud: ERA NOW! (passed in 1972, still awaiting ratification)
Believe Survivors! 

Mutt and Jeff are busy getting arrested at a protest rally in Washington D.C.

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