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March 30, 2020

The New Me

I don't like circulating a photo of myself, but I can't use social media without one. So, my one and only photo of the last twenty years has been this one:

It was taken by Daniela Catanoso (all rights reserved) in Forza D'Agro where we ate out once back when. We returned to the same town to eat in the same restaurant twenty years later, and Ms. Catanoso took my photo once again. So, I have decided that I must finally age gracefully (?) and replace my old photo of my young and innocent self with an image of my new and improved self. Here it is:

Is this important? Some people change their photos every week or post photos of themselves continually on, for example, Instagram. But for someone who does not, yes, I guess it is.
Stay strong, stay healthy. Over and out, Martin

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