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April 20, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 6

DAY 6: Isn't it always that way
the more you test
the more positives you get
isn't it always that way
life is a test
give us more positives
you search for the truth
turn over every single rock
examine every sunrise, sunset
twilight and dawn
the more worms you get
the more germs, pathogens, cooties, supercooties
is it better not to know
to escape for a week on the snow
bring the crud home
infect your whole town
who's to know
it was you
and you had your fun run
your friends are young
they'll probably survive
you and yours -- alive
good luck and keep praying
and when you gotta go
when the Good Lord says it's time
you ask where to get in line, to queue
one meter apart minimum
only when absolutely necessary
believers who previously
now on ventilators
lying next to their neighbors
and grandparents
with their moon boots still on.

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