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April 23, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 9

DAY 9: I could learn a foreign language
improve my guitar playing
lose weight, treat my skin, make love
-- NAH --
let's just keep the radio on 
the rising-number-of-dead channel
and fry liver and onions till
there ain't no more
no more strategies or pursuits
when did I ever walk around this
crappy neighborhood unless to get
somewhere anyhow
but now I imagine myself down
there in the sun -- first day
of spring --
where? anywhere when I get out
of detention I'll go out
out there
brave new worlds, new civilizations
across the universe -- that's me
me free, me not in this cage
although, cage could be worse
and I'm not-dead today
yet what is freedom, what is choice
can I hear
my own voice
calling my name
into the vacuum
no answer back
in any language
foreign or domestic.

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