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May 6, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 22

DAY 22: Yeast. Yeast for bread and
pizza. Let's have a pizza night
but they're all closed. We can make
our own: flour salt sugar oil and
yeast -- The first thing to run out
in every grocery store in Italy. Yeast.
No more pizza, calzoni, pitoni, grissini,
bread, plain white bread -- Italy, you're
in trouble now. And if it won't rise,
if it won't rise, who's complaining?
Every wife in the country, that's who,
who can't make bread, can't pound 
that dough with her fists, squish, punch, raising
tiny puffs of white flour into the air. Pound, pound
pound will do no good if there's no yeast.
Can we rise to the occasion?
Can we modify our tastes?
Jesus, our superhero, ate unleavened
bread -- look Ma, no yeast. I have my 
doubts. Normally when you go to the super-
market of the ten thousand products there
yeast is the cheapest -- it's 25 cents
a cube, good for about 6 pizzas
maybe a couple / three loaves 
of bread too -- 25 cents, that's nothing
in fact, at the corner market --
Signora Katia, when I go to
her -- she'll give it to me free,
no 25 cents even, yeast is life, man
life is a gift. Here, take it.

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